Life at SFD Campus

Our Design Studios on Campus

The design studios on campus offer ample opportunity to students to experiment and innovate, while the laboratories provide hi-technology work areas covering real-time aspects of the industry. 

Studio at SFD is a designer's workroom which can be used for the purpose of photography, graphic design. A studio is more or less artful to the degree that the artist who occupies it is committed to the continuing education in his or her formal discipline. Academic curricula categorize studio classes in order to prepare students for the rigors of building sets of skills which require a continuity of practice in order to achieve growth and mastery of their artistic expression. A versatile and creative mind will embrace the opportunity of such practice to innovate and experiment, which develops uniquely individual qualities of each artist's expression. Thus the method raises and maintains an art studio space above the level of a mere production facility or workshop.

Lecture Theatres

High Quality Lecture Theatres, well-equipped lecture theatres use advanced teaching methodology,

designed for highly interactive sessions. Lively and vibrant rooms are complemented with equipments that equal the best in the world at SFD. Creative interior and spaciousness defines all SFD rooms, which supports fully equipped learning - teaching environment. The campus structure emphasises hands-on experience through practical set-ups and state-of-the-art technology.

Fashion Labs

The SFD has 5 well equipped, spacious labs namely: 

  • Pattern making lab 
  • Sewing lab (Intermediate and Industrial) 
  • CAD lab 
  • Fashion design studio lab

Pattern making lab: Here the garment paper patterns are prepared either by flat pattern or draping method. All the preliminary activation before sewing take place here. 

Sewing lab (Intermediate and Industrial): All the 2 dimensional textile fabrics patterns after cutting are to be joined together to form a 3 dimensional garment. This sewing process takes place in the sewing lab. The lab is equipped with the latest machines. 

CAD lab: Computers play a very important in the apparel industry right from designing to cutting sewing and finishing. The lab is furnished with computers with the relevant softwares loaded and a digitizer. 

Fashion design studio lab: Illustration is an important tool in conveying designer’s ideas to the manufactures and the end uses. Fashion design studio is a place where young budding designers sketch their design and prepare the portfolio.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre of SFD has rich collections of print and non-print reference materials.

Its collections pertaining to fashion studies and research are unparalleled in the Sub-Saharan region.

Its integrated collections of materials and print resources support the teaching and research programmes of the School.

The Resource Centre has rich collections of print and non-print materials including audio-visual materials, textiles, costumes, fashion accessories and related items.

  • Highly selective collection of print and non-print materials pertaining to core areas of studies such as Design, Fashion, Textiles, History of costumes, Life style Accessories, Apparel Construction & Production, International trade, Management and Marketing.
  • Sizeable literature on related areas like Advertising, Visual & Performing arts etc.

Sports and Cultural Activity

The annual sports day is organized by the institution to promote health and physical discipline in the students of the college.

There is an abundant importance of games and sports in a student's life. Sports inculcate spirit of sportsmanship, team work and leadership. Blue Crest College realizes true value of these qualities and believes in striking a strong balance between curriculum and fun. Bluecrest also partakes in inter university sports events that helps with the students exercising of boldness and skill.

Our team always displays the most remarkable skills and when playing with experienced people from other university college; there is the display of great sportsmanship and incredible teamwork.

Fashion shows
and Exhibitions

Students of School of Fashion & Design are given the opportunity to exhibit their creations annually. Key industry players are invited to this event where opportunities exist for students to engage with successful, like-minded people. This is also an opportunity for potential employers to see the talent arising in the various fields of study.

The School Fashion & Design students also participate in industry events, industry visit and competitions such as Student Fashion Week, exhibitions, trade shows, catwalk shows and visit to well-known fashion production houses.

We use these relationships as opportunities to uplift our students and also to showcase their work